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Maethoriel by Lady-Lobotomy Maethoriel by Lady-Lobotomy
Maethoriel/Art  © 2014 :iconlady-lobotomy:
My LotR OC <3

Character Name: Maethoriel Bronwen

Realm: Middle Earth

Race: Mirkwood/Lorien Elf Mixed race.

Age: 3,423

Gender: Female

Height: 6' 1"

Brief Appearance: She is tall and slender with fair, caramel skin. Her long, ebony, straight hair falls to just the middle of her calves, almost to her ankles, she only wears it completely down when attending coronations, parties, etc. Her eyes are sapphire blue that twinkle like the stars. They change color reflecting her moods, anger- dark and cold, happy- bright and clear. She always smells pine needles or Jasmine. Wears- All her clothing colors consist of earth or nightly colors. Also Blacks and Greys.

Weight: 180 lbs

Figure/build: Slender and Toned.

Hair Color: Raven Black

Hairstyle: Keep her hair in a half pony tail the majority of the time, Let's it down when attending coronations, balls, special events or sleeping. Keeps it in a bun or regular ponytail on rare occasions. 

Eye Color: Bright Sapphire Blue

Skin Color: Light Caramel/Toffee color. 

Scars/Markings: None

Personality: She is peaceful, kind, and warm-hearted, fun and silly. She is often considered odd, because she likes to keep to herself most of the time. Around her small unit of friends and family she can be very out-going. Sometimes when her imagination runs on the numerous adventures she wants to have, she daydreams to the point of living her imagination so realistically it sometimes can bother others she is around. (Oops ') Her gentle, easy-going attitude quickly vanishes when she is angered, only then you might want to stand clear, her wrath will come down horribly on you.

Good qualities: Creative, Bright, Dreamer, Determined, Helpful, Sweet, Intelligent, Loyal, Skillful, Trusth-worthy.

Flaws: Bold, Dubious, Naïve, Nosey, Overzealous, Peevish, Rebellious, Reckless, Sarcastic, Soft-hearted, Stubborn, Withdrawn, Complicated, Fierce, Hard.

Likes: Reading, Singing, Combat, wine, long rides through the forest, solitude, Autumn, Rain, the moon. 

Dislikes: Dwarves, Too much sun, being around other's too long.

Fears: Spiders, Failing, Losing her loved ones. 

Birth-date: October 17th 2959 of the second age

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious

City or town of birth:

Currently lives: Mirkwood

Languages spoken: Quenya, Sindarin, English

Native language: Sindarin

Relationship Status: Currently engaged to Caradol (Even though she DOES NOT WANT IT!)

Talents/skills: Very very skilled more so than most of her kin in archery, she carries the singing gifts of her mother. She is a wonderful painter, and specializes in healing Elvish Magic. 

Peaceful or aggressive attitude: 50/50

Special skills/magical powers/etc: She is a singer, like her mother, and sings songs of the forest to elves, animals, and herself. Her voice can enchant, and calm the most dreaded and saddened hearts. 

Weapon(s) of choice (if any):
 Dual battle knives with pearl inlaid mithrill blades, and bow made of strong Ash-Tree driftwood. Arrows are made of the same wood as the bow.

Weaknesses in combat: Wits - Vitality - Strength

Strengths in combat: Speed - Stamina - Nimble 

Parents names: Vehiron - (Father), Erdolliel - (Mother)

Are parents alive or dead?:
 Both are Alive

Is the character still in contact with their parents?: Her father more-so than her mother. 

Siblings? Relationship with siblings?:
 None - Maethoriel is an only Child. 

Other Important Relatives: Her mother is the sister to Celeborn.

-Kili: (is her first official husband then after Kili dies.) 
-Bard: (becomes her second husband and father to her first and only child.) 

Children: A Son that belongs to Bard - Feredir

Best Friend(s): Dulineth and Daewen. 

Other Important Friends: Daewen, Legolas, Aragorn, Tauriel, Gimili, Fili, Bilbo, Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry, Lord Elrond, Galadriel. 

Acquaintances: Haldir, King Theodin, Eomir, Eyowyn, Arwen, Celeborn, etc. etc. 

Pets: Orion (A massive black elk)

Enemies: Sauron, Orcs, Goblins, etc. (Anything to do with the dark powers of Mordor.) 


General: Maethoriel was born in Mirkwood on a cold October night. She is an Elvish scout/guard, and keeps Orcs, and other foul beasts out of her Realm. She also helps her father manage and protect cargo who oversees all trade for Thranduil. Her mother was born in Lorien and used to be a hand-maid and singer for the Lady Galadriel before she married. Her mother’s family still lives in Lorien, and Maethoriel makes trips to visit them as often as possible. She spends most of her days when she is not needed for trade or scout duties, riding Orion for miles around the forest, she will sit in her favorite oak tree and read. She also acts as a guide from time to time, helping lead and protect the elves who are traveling to the Grey Havens from their home realms, thus she has been to all elvish realms in Middle-Earth. She met Carandol through her father, Nephew to Lord Elrond. She does not want to settle down and marry the chosen suitor that her mother and father have chosen for her. She is Spontaneous and a little reckless, often gets scolded for being too “naive” at times. She longs to have her own adventures. Carandol tries to spend as much of his time with Maethoriel as possible, trying to show her how much he loves her when they are both not traveling. Carandol has even traveled with her a few times to Rivendell and Mirkwood.

Before the creation of Eä: ---

Creation of Arda: ---

Years of the Lamps: ---

Years of the Trees: ---

Years of the Sun: ---

Ages of Arda: ----

First Age: ---

Second Age:
 October 17th 2959 Maethoriel was Born. (Will add more)

Third Age: (Will add more)

Fourth Age: (Will add more)
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LudedWolf Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017
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I faved this a while back and wanted to just say now that I really love her. <333
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Awwwhh! Thank you so much! 
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This is a rather lovely illustration of an OC elf. I love the way it turned out, it has the comic strip quality. I particularly love how you played with the lights and shadows. 

Really great line art!
Lady-Lobotomy Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! :) I am glad you like her! <3
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